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What is Transportation and Logistics Management?

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Transportation and logistics management can be transformative for companies that need to transport and track products and goods across long or short distances. The success of implementing this practice within your business environment requires an understanding of what transportation and logistics management is, what it can do, and who can help you get the best results for your company. 

What are Transportation and Logistics? 

Transportation and logistics are complicated, overarching operations in every sense and across every facet, from the largest corporate projects to our everyday lives, such as personal travel. 

Transportation is the movement of physical goods, products, or materials, while logistics is the choreographed management of that movement, or transport, of those materials, goods, or products. Both require extensive professional knowledge, foresight, and analysis across every component of timing, communications, methodology, handoffs, costs, and more. Accurate logistical considerations are requirements for the successful transports of products or goods, and they work in tandem—one component isn’t typically a successful endeavor without the other.

Why Does Transportation & Logistics Management Matter to My Business? 

Whether you have a large or small company, transportation and logistics management have a crucial role to play in your business. This is how you get your critical materials and goods from one end of the supply chain to the other, and into the hands of your end customers. 

Do I need a Transportation & Logistics Management Partner? 

The short answer is yes. The management of these processes typically comes from third-party providers. They are responsible for every component of the planning, procurement, and oversight of all factors in transporting inbound or outbound materials while maintaining ongoing expertise in best practices and technology, as well as the rules and regulations associated with various modes of transport, such as freight or trucks. 

An outsourced partner will have the experience to understand, account for, and implement every logistical component and consideration while owning access to a Rolodex of tried-and-true, reliable carriers to ensure your materials and goods are transported safely and securely, whether via freight, truck delivery, or another method. 

Additionally, the right partner can integrate additional services such as accounting, managing insurance claims, collaboration, and communications with key departments and people, and more, for successful outcomes across functions and operations. 

Outsourcing the logistics and transportation components of your projects gives you access to experts who can work in collaboration with you to achieve efficiency in your supply chain, meet goals and objectives, and frees your focus from the complexity of transportation and logistics management to the end results.  At Stone Natural Resources, we believe in providing both customers and carriers with responsive, cost-effective, efficient, and safe supply chain solutions and opportunities. As a modern and technology-driven third-party logistics partner, we provide the best possible transportation and logistics solutions to businesses across North America, as well as the best possible transportation opportunities for carriers. To learn more about integrating transportation and logistics management and partnership into your business, or to become a carrier partner, contact us today.

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